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  Jaatakalu Jivitalu-Navagraha Sanchara Bhashyalu
(Horoscopes & Planetary Positions)
What Are The Amazing Results Given by Venus, Mercury, Mars Planets-
శుక్ర, బుధ, కుజ గ్రహాలు ఇచ్చే అద్భుత ఫలితాలు? - शुक्र, बुध, कुज ग्रह देनेवाले आश्चर्यजनक परिणाम?
Age Appropriate Activities
In Jupiter Planet Phase Profit and Losses?
When Phase Strenghth is There, it's Results...?
Marriage Should be Taken in to Consideration for Marriage? Or by Looking Horoscope...?
When Sin Planet is Running do They Effect Planetary Positions...?
Shani Mahadasha is it good luck...?
If Miserable Jupiter is in Mahardhasha is There Negative Results in The Works ?
If Fifth Position Ruler is Mingled With Cruel Planet They Will Behave Like This?
Topical decisions will benefit...?
Timely - Nasty Decisions
Timely - Nasty Decisions
When Bug in Marriage - Impotent
Events that heppen when Varuna sub planet mingles with dragons tail in peak stage...?
If Mars, Mercury, Dragon's Head planets are mingled will have great intellect...?
What are the part of sub planets in astrology...? What are the results of them...?
What are the situation's arise if dragon's tail is weak in astrology...?
Results Occur if Dragon's Tail Combines Sub Planets
In oldage miserable venus mahadasha results
Marriage-sex disturbance (venus error)
Play with women - Play with fire...?
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